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Looking back at last summer’s YES! Camp, the first image that comes is of smiling, happy, dynamic teens, ready to take on life!

The first day, there was some excitement, some uncertainty, some awkwardness and even some anger towards parents who “pushed me into coming.” But take 17 talented, inspiring and inspired individuals, put them together for a week, then play, breathe, laugh, sing and dance, have them face challenges and support each other, and something magical happens – they begin to change.

Odeth was terrified of getting into a canoe, but everyone encouraged and supported her. As the boat moved further into the water, she started to feel more comfortable and finally safe. It was her courage and her peer’s support that made this happen.  When Danielle conquered her fear of heights during the ropes course, she too felt so proud and confident!

How can someone conquer a deeply ingrained fear in just a few days or even in one simple experience? First, the breathing techniques, so simple and beautiful, are powerful tools for reducing stress. Also, when we feel safe and encouraged, we gain more courage. The more relaxed and less stressed we are the more we are in the present moment, which means we do not judge our present situation based on past experiences.

Yes! Camp emphasizes human values through yoga, breathing and meditation.  The program helps teens learn how to manage stress and negative emotions, build self-esteem and leadership qualities and get active through yoga, swimming, and outdoor activities.

The camp team is amazing!  This year we have two qualified instructors, three dynamic camp counselors, an Ayurvedic expert, one organic farming expert, and a dedicated, supportive team of professionals that create a healthy, safe, comfortable and riotous camp experience!

We love organizing the camp at the International Art of Living Centre, because the location is so special! Imagine a fun filled adventure in pristine nature, with three lakes, comfortable lodging surrounded by trees and forest,  organic vegetable gardens and orchard, where people have been meditating for years. This is a place that calms the mind and brings out our best, making it easy to relax and establish new friends and connections.

Working with kids and teenagers can be a challenging. Every parent or teacher knows that.  However, to be part of the lives of young individuals is amazing. Yes! Camp helps teens discover their best values and skills, offers techniques for removing stress and negativity, allows young people to rediscover innocence and love, gain tools for building a society free of stress and violence, and empowers them to do the same for others. This is a priceless experience for everyone.

We’re looking forward to this year’s camp experience. Join us, and let’s make this an incredible summer!

Yes! Camp will be from August 2 to 9 at the Art of Living International Centre, Canada. More details at


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