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It has been a long winter, but the shifting of light, and feeling the sun’s warmth on cold winter days, hints of spring’s coming.  Garden seeds are arriving, and people ask about the next Art of Silence Course or want to bring a group for an April seva weekend.  We are thinking of soccer and wondering if the tree mended in spring made it through the winter. Have broken branches fused?  But we must wait for the snow to melt before unwrapping the branches and disconnecting the strings that hold everything in place.  The kitchen and Isha have been given a face-lift during the winter months, but we long to be out. Long to smell the earth and hear the waters rush down rocks and hills to swell the lakes. Winter’s blanket of white is still with us, but we would not mind if our present moment was of flowers and even a few insects.  Enjoy these photos of winter’s beauty.


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