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The nature of joy is you want to share with others. When you’re happy, you don’t say, “I’m so happy don’t disturb me.” When you’re happy you don’t say leave me alone I want to be by myself. What do you do when you’re happy? You want to share the happiness with others – you call others, phone them. Look, I have such great happiness I want you to also be happy. I want you to be happy. I want you to be happy. The nature of happiness is to spread happiness. And the nature of misery is don’t talk to me. Leave me alone. When people are upset they always say leave me alone. Right?

Today, the United Nations says one of the biggest diseases that is going to kill millions of people in the coming 10 years will be depression. Other than cancer, depression is going to take over the world population. How do you get over depression? Not just popping pills into your mouth. In Europe, nearly 40% of school teachers are depressed, 38% of population is depressed. And every other person you meet they’ll be putting pills into their mouth to feel better. I say, this is not going to help, because you take tablets for depression you’ll end up with a liver problem, pancreas problem, kidney problem, head problem and the whole life is a problem. So what we would say is use the breath. Make use of your breath, and meditation, exercise, music to get over depression, don’t pop pills. Don’t you think so? Sometimes the medicines that we have, that we take only changes from one disease to another disease. They really don’t attend to the root cause of the problem. So we need to keep our mind happy, our spirit uplifted. That is why we do meditation. When the body is strong your mind is clear, your heart is blossomed and you feel happier. When we go deep into meditation we experience something beautiful. And then life becomes beautiful. Our vibrations become beautiful. When our vibrations are more loving, lovely, then wherever we go in the world people feel happy and we feel happy.

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