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I love movies, but at the theater when I chose Tomorrowland, a Disney family movie, it was a best of the lot choice. It surprised me, though. It did what I love best in a movie. It woke up knowledge. Then gave more by reminding me that there was a time when we believed that the future would be fantastic, incredible beyond belief, a world that stretched our imagination. In Tomorrowland, this vision has been replaced by a present, which is filled with violence, climate change, and people who are stressed and unhappy. This vision, in the movie, has been embraced to such a degree that the world is heading toward extinction. To change this it is necessary to create and take responsibility for a new vision.

In 2016 we can also create a new vision. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a humanitarian, spiritual leader, and the founder of the Art of Living Foundation is inviting the world to come to India from March 11th to 13th. The intention is for 3.5 million people to celebrate cultural diversity through dance and music, and to meditate together. In his new year’s talk Sri Sri said, “When you sit in a group and meditate this is called yagya. The benefit of meditation is magnified several times, so imagine we are 3.5 million people sitting and meditating. It creates such a huge vibration or energy in the universe, which is bound to bring a lot of good.” By celebrating diversity and oneness at the same time, we create a positive field for change.

What, however, is our responsibility? What is needed in this world? He tells us, “First, protect the environment. In the river of time garbage is floating for us to clear. We have to act to clear the garbage. By garbage I mean terrorism, stress, and violence in society. Let’s resolve to educate people that we all belong to one world family. This is the resolution we must make for 2016.” Sri Sri gives a vision of what can be done to change the world. “I will do as much as I can do to unite people – people’s hearts and minds, to clean people’s minds and heart. To see there is more celebration, more harmony, more love, and unity in people than the acts of war, and domestic violence and societal violence.”

Throughout time, we have seen, mostly, differences, manipulated the environment, and increased wealth without consideration. We need to come back to service, come back to celebration, and come back to ourselves. Sri Sri says, “We need to protect time. Keep the time pure and celebrative. For that we have to stop the violent events from being dumped in the year 2016. So we will see how we can remove the negativity, process the conflicts. The power of goodness is much greater and higher than the power of the evil.”

2016 presents us with an opportunity to unify, to create a world that values love over hate, and harmony over violence. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, through the international organization he has founded, as well as through the World Cultural Celebration in India offers to the world, possibilities.

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