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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s New Year Message

Wow, what a nice celebration. Often people who are celebrating they cannot appreciate silence and those who enjoy silence they don’t celebrate they don’t look joyful and celebrate. People who are in silence are very morose and melancholic, but our specialty is we are in silence and we are celebrating. You can’t say yes, say yes (holds up thumb to indicate yes).  This is so beautiful a great way to welcome the New Year. Now let’s thank the year 2013. 2013 with all its events has brought us together. Such resolve to keep moving ahead. It has posed with its many challenges, made as strong in some ways and with many of its gifts has made us happy in so many ways. No year passes without some wisdom. So like every year this year also it is just going to pass has given us some wisdom has made us more wiser. Isn’t it? How many of you agree on this? The last year has made us more wiser?

So we need to move on. Time is like a flowing river. At least with river you can put a bank or a dam, but you can’t stop it totally.  When the river is gushing, it will overflow the dam. You have to leave it. You can only store a certain amount of water, but with time even that is not possible.  Time is like a fast flowing river. Time is like the wind, which nobody can stop. Time is like the sun around which the earth revolves. Time is like our mind – ancient, yet very fresh and very new.  Our mind is very, very, very ancient, yet it is fresh and new. So then, celebration of New Year is really honoring the time. Honoring the time is honoring the mind.  Honoring the mind means honoring our self.  And the way to honor yourself is to know that you are neither a culprit nor a victim. What stops you from honoring yourself?  When you think you are a culprit. You did something wrong, the guilt in you. I am a sinner. If you are a sinner you can never celebrate yourself, you can never be peace with yourself. It will always eat you deep inside. When you get out of the culprit consciousness, guilt consciousness, there is peace and there is spiritual light within. You should know that there is light inside of me. I am part of the light. I am part of universal love. Yeah? You are a spark of universal love. Every individual wants to experience this universal love, be part of it, be a spark of it.  And that can only happen when we are out of culprit consciousness.

And the other thing is victim consciousness. If you feel you are a victim you can never express truth, you can never express the divinity. The purpose of our life is to express light, love, and life fully and fully express life is celebration. So, the purpose of us being here – express your life, express all facets of your life, that is love, joy, wisdom. These are different facets of life. We are here to express that. But if you feel you are victim of situation of time of other people, you can never do that. So how to get over the victim conscious? Know that every unpleasant experience in life has given some depth to me and thank them.  And the pleasant experiences have given an opportunity for you to do more service to people.  Thank them. So life is always a mixture. The unpleasant days, we must just thank them because it has centered us.  Nobody gets more centered than in unpleasant days. Unpleasant things takes you out of the external, puts you with yourself, so that gives you depth, and it adds to your personality. So instead of “oh, I am 20 years of my life I wasted or 15 years somebody else created problem for me. Drop all that and say I thank all those bitter days for i.t gave me strength and I thank all those pleasant days that gave me width, made me realize my true potential, made me express myself, that is joy. We thank that.  By thankingthe  the pleasant and unpleasant we get over victim consciousness. Got it?

And this year for us to welcome the coming year we welcome the coming New Year with resolution.  We resolve to do something excellent something very good.  We resolve to be of use to be happy and spread happiness.  It’s important. You cannot be happy without a reason, but you can be happy without any reason. You cannot be unhappy without a reason. But you can be happy without any reason.  This is what we bear in mind, this wisdom. I can be happy without any reason. If I am unhappy I search for the reason why am I unhappy. We have to do it no one else can do it for us. Then you will find your unhappiness is due to physical dependency, emotional dependency, or physical want or emotional want. Physical want makes you unhappy, emotional wants make you unhappy.

First we need to understand how to handle the emotional wants. Emotional wants are what – appreciation from people – oh let others appreciate me, let others praise me, adoration, appreciation, inability to handle others altercation. These are the emotional lids – appreciate, adulation, altercation, inability to stand up towards it. These are emotional things, oh, and self-pity I am so good I always think good about everybody but everyone thinks bad about me. This sort of emotional mess that we create for our self, we only create nobody else creates for us. Right? They say, knowledge is the way to get out of this. Knowledge and meditation helps you to overcome the emotional dependency.

When you have overcome that then physical dependency has its own parameters.  You work hard then you have confidence in your talents and ability, and then reduce your wants and desires. If our wants and desires are high up there and our physical ability is here (with one hand shows wants and desires high up and with the other physical ability lower), we’ll be unhappy. See that our wants and desires match our physical ability. You don’t have hard teeth and you want to crack walnut by your mouth, I tell you, the nut will not crack, your teeth will go, that’s it.  So you should see how strong is your teeth accordingly you should chew. So our physical ability – if my physical ability is there only to lift 15 kgs I should not venture to lift 50 kgs. I should limit myself to lift 15 and slowly rise up to lift more. Work towards it. We should look into our physical ability then our desire should match to it. If there is a mismatch between our desire and our capability we’ll be unhappy. Right? How many of you agree on this? Suppose you are a heart patient and you want venture to scale Mount Everest, what can I tell you? I would say, “Write Mount Everest on the top of your staircase; just climbing the second floor feels like climbing Mount Everest.” We need to match our desires to our ability. Somewhere we need to let go; somewhere we need to hold on. Hold on to the faith and let go of cravings. If we let go of cravings we’ll be happy, and we hold on to the faith that only good will happen to me. What? Only good thing can ever happen to me. Something is happening to me it’s because they want to make me strong. Only good thing can happen to me. This faith in you. Sometimes a bad thing if it happens, you should think it’s just an accident. It’s not it happened because I deserve it – no. Bad things if it happens to me it’s only out of accident, but good things are bound to happen to me. This gives you confidence, right? This wisdom of taking a few pearls of knowledge or taking these few pearls of wisdom and treasuring; it is essential to make life a celebration. Right? These are the decorations of celebration – decoration for celebrating life.

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