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gurudev-officialTime teaches us and makes us wiser. So if you are intelligent, wise, you will learn from time and you celebrate. If you are unwise, we lament and every passing year we become sad. Time teaches you a lesson and makes you wise when you are awake.

2016 has been such a wonderful time. We had a great event. What people thought was impossible; we made it possible. The World Cultural Festival happened with the world’s biggest stage ever, of seven acres, which was floating, to the astonishment of the world. We built it in New Delhi on the banks of the Yamuna River to the astonishment of the world. A place where people do not consider getting out of their car it was so stinking and so bad, was made a field for celebration. It was cleaned and it was prepared for one of the world’s biggest events ever. 1.8 billion people have watched it on live stream, from 188 countries around the world. 107 were items of performances with 182 dignitaries, from around the world, participating. And most of all, 2500 religious leaders made it the world’s largest inter-faith gathering, ever. And 3.5 million people attended the program, to the amazement of the world, and without any incident, was something that goes down in history.
In 2016, we have all together created history. The credit goes to every single individual of The Art of Living. Your participation, your intention and your attention has made this possible to manifest. That was a very grand time for The Art of Living and for the world.

We had many achievements; I cannot list them all.

In 2016, September, we ethics in sports, we organized in the FIFA headquarters. For the first time in history, we made people realize it is needed to bring ethics in sports. That was very good.

There are people who move with the time, and there are others who move the time, and Art of Living moved the time. We have celebrated, and we continue to celebrate year after year, for our motto is to make life a celebration. True to its motto, we welcome 2017.

If you add up 2017 (2+0+1+7=1), it comes to number #1. So, I wish everyone bright sun shine. Number one is the number of the Sun. I wish everyone a bright sunshine in 2017. In this year let knowledge dawn in your life. What is most important is, knowledge taking the front seat in our life. Everybody has knowledge; sometimes it takes the backseat. It sits somewhere in the back, it’s not in the driving seat. When knowledge is sleeping, it is ignorance. When knowledge is in the back seat it leads to regret later on. When knowledge is in the front seat, the driving seat, there’s only joy in life, there’s only celebration in life. We celebrate in every situation, for life is celebration. So, wish for the knowledge to be in the front seat, in 2017.

There are good qualities in everyone. The courageous one will appreciate the good qualities wherever he is. Even if it is in one’s enemy, it should be appreciated. Appreciating good qualities, itself, is a very wise quality. Itself is wisdom. So, let the Sun, which is coming bring to everyone wisdom in the New Year! Happy New Year to everyone! So let knowledge be in your driving seat. Not the back seat then sometimes it gives you suggestions and ideas. We will spend more time in knowledge going deeper into wisdom.

Life is so magnanimous! Life is so big. What you think about life is only the tip of the iceberg. We think of life as survival – some job, some money, some relationship, making ends meet. This is how life is. The whole life revolves around money, relationship and reputation – three things. In trying to get these three things you lose your health. Then the health goes. Money, reputation, relationship – in getting these three things the health which was there for you naturally, you lose it. Now, health, money, relationship, and reputation revolve around these four things and going round and round and trying to catch these four things one becomes so miserable. And when you are miserable, you lose all the four – health, money and reputation, and relationship. This is what people consider as life! Now, what we are saying is completely revolutionary – life is celebration, life is commitment, life is wisdom and life is seva (service). Life revolves around these four. Life revolves around service, revolves around creating celebration, making life a celebration. My dear you have such a short period on this planet why do you make so many people miserable around you, and you become miserable yourself. Who said what, when and where is not important. It’s not important, at all. One’s life does not depend on what someone said, or what your reputation is. It’s much beyond that, so when life revolves around commitment, caring, that is service, and then celebration, wisdom, acquiring wisdom and knowledge in life. Making life a celebration, creating celebration around, uplifting human spirit, pumping enthusiasm in others and in ones self. Being committed to doing good, and for being caring, when it revolves around these four money comes, reputation comes, relationships improve relationships happen, you get related to everybody, and then health remains robust. So what you wanted you’ve already got it, when you don’t focus on them. When you focus on the former four and leave the later four, then you become miserable. Got it? If you don’t have care and commitment relationships don’t work. If you don’t have commitment and wisdom money will not come. Neither does reputation. If you don’t make life a celebration, health will not be okay.

So, on your refrigerator you put this, “In 2017 let my life revolve around wisdom, celebration, service and commitment – these four. And what I will get through this is health, money, relationship and reputation”.

The time poses, in front of you. This time brings challenge, charm, and of course change is part of time. With wisdom, you can sail over it very comfortably. Take the challenge and appreciate the charm it brings you.

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