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My message is on my head. Actually it’s a message from the heart but it’s in my head now. Happy New Year to everybody. 2015 twice a day become empty and become one with that which is beyond the 5. Twice a day become empty to become one with the one which is beyond the 5. Got it? The world is called 5, the world is just a combination of 5 elements, that which is beyond the 5 elements, spirit, so you become one with the spirit. Yeah? Happy New Year, wish you all a Happy New Year.

Now I salute the time, for time is greater than mind. It’s the time, which influences the mind. It’s the time that makes a pauper a prince and a prince a pauper. It’s the time, which makes a stupid guy to be an intelligent one, and it’s the time, which makes stupid things happen through an intelligent guy, also. It’s the time, which makes friends and which breaks friends. It’s time, which creates peace and which creates war. So time is greater than mind, so salute the time. But I tell you is there something bigger than time? Yes, the spirit moves the time. It’s the spirit, which is beyond the time, which can move the time. Which can change the time, so as long as you’re in your mind, you are under the thumb of the time. But when you realize you are the spirit the one beyond the five, then you move the time. Got it? Got it? Got it?

I think you have to really dwell on these few words, what I’ve said then it really makes more sense, it sinks. When this knowledge sinks, becomes an experience it makes all the sense. It makes all the sense when you dwell on, it then it clicks. So time moves everything but you can move the time, that is the power of the Self. And it is freely available yet inaccessible. It’s available, yet inaccessible. So only when we become free from the mind then we’ll ever be able to click on it. So 2015 got it? Twice a day, become zero and one with the one beyond the 5. Cool. Ok, very good very nice.

In this New Year, now, let’s resolve to build trust in our self, the trust that only the best will happen to me. The trust in our self that only the best will happen to me. And then trust in the society that goodness will prevail in the world. What? When we lose this trust that goodness prevails in the society or in the nation that’s when our moral goes down. But when you have the trust that good will prevail in the society in the world, your moral will be up. And when you know only good things will happen to you the best things will happen to you, your self-confidence will go up. So let’s keep these two dimensions alive in our life in this 2015. Let this be your resolution – trust in yourself and trust in the society or in the world order. When you see that some bad elements are rising up, you lose the courage, you lose the conviction, you loose the morality, you loose your ground and you get broken. That’s when you need to remind yourself they’re only rising-up to fall. The bad elements need a fall, and that’s their final destination, fall. So even to fall you have to rise a little higher, only then you get really broken. So they raise a little bit to get a big fall. And if you are convinced of this truth, this reality, nothing whatsoever, no event can pull you down, no event can demoralize you, and no nervous break down can happen, nor will you ever have heart breaks. You know that, ok. Your moral becomes very strong with this conviction. What do you say? Every event creates some knowledge and emotion. Often events have some lessons to teach you, and also creates along with it some emotions. What we normally do, we don’t learn from events, in fact, we don’t learn at all. But we carry on the emotion. The emotion as a scar or as a craving haunts us. Knowledge is not learnt, so you are left with the baggage of emotions. If it is positive or negative whatever it is it is going to bother you in the present and the future. The stronger the craving of pleasurable experience you have had the more painful it will be in the present. A strong craving it has created a pleasurable experience has created an intense craving in you, so that carries over to the present keeps you in bigger mess. Am I making the point clear? All the break-ups that people have had in the past if it has been very intense that intense is there, the pain of the break-up also, because that craving has created that. So you are left in the present moment only with baggage of emotions. But the intelligent one, wise one, what they do? They just learn they take their lesson from the past and leave their emotions in the past. Leave the emotions of the past; just learn the lesson. If someone has cheated you, learn the lesson. What did you do so that someone else could cheat you, how unintelligent you were, how did you allow someone to cheat you? Just learn the lesson. Instead of carrying that anger and frustration and hatred towards the person, instead of learning, we just carry that emotion of the past. This is not intelligent thing to do. Intelligent thing to do is carry the lesson, drop the emotion, so you can keep your smile, genuine smile, untouched, unblemished by the event. Yeah? What do you say? Yeah? You can keep your spirits high, come what may. Now, now. Because life is always a mixture of pleasant and unpleasant things. Things you like, and which you don’t like. Life is a mixture of that. New year dining table if you take kids they would like to go only for the desert, no there should be soup and there should be salad and all other stuff as well, balanced. Mother knows how to give balanced food to the kid. Not just because the child wants only desert she will not keep feeding them only desert, she’s not a good mother. Similarly, nature gives you everything, salad, soups, noodles, sour cream, peppery something, peppery soup and sour cream, hot and sweet, and pungent, everything.   So nature provides you a meal with many tastes, and the wise one just enjoys them all. Right? You enjoy olives, but you give an olive to a kid he spits it out. So, its time we grow up, we grow up to appreciate the diverse menu on our plate. We grow up to appreciate the balanced diet that you have been provided in your life, healthy diet. Your plate is full of all varieties just enjoy them. And every year new plate is given; so don’t eat the stale food. Don’t fill you calendar from past event. Don’t fill this year’s calendar with old dates because they don’t match. And this is what we do, we keep the old calendar and it says 21st Jan, Sunday and this will not be matching this year. Today is what day? Wednesday. 31st Wednesday. 1st is Thursday. Ah, it starts with the Guru day, Thursday, the year of wisdom, then. Thursday is New Year, so we keep the last year’s calendar it will be something like Saturday, so it doesn’t match, so keep updating yourself.

So match the time, catch the time, and move the time. Three stages, match the time, catch the time, move the time. How will match, what you will catch, and what you will move? I’ll leave it to you.

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