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KUBS7990When you build a home, it’s a major step when the walls go up. Space is finally enclosed. Then the inside work begins – electrical, lighting, heating, drywall, and if your home will hold up to 2,000 guests you need to build a stage, and install a state of the art sound system. You need to beautify – paint, chandeliers, wood doors, lamp fixtures. Four years later, 2015, and we are almost done, but not quite – there is the wood floor to put down, the ventilation shafts to cover, and a sprinkler system for fire protect.

You might be amazed to learn that Sri Ratnam Hall has 450 water sprinklers. They are on the ceiling and roof, outside along the walkway next to the lights, and in the downstairs corridors. The tank that feeds this system holds 1500 gallons of water, enough for a sustained sprinkling of 30 minutes if every sprinkler was to go off simultaneously. The water in the pipes, in the hall, where we also get our drinking water and which help the toilets function, provides a certain amount of water toward fire protection. However, when the water pressure goes down, water is fed into the hall from a tank placed among the trees to the right of the hall. Trees and a bend in the path camouflage it, but it’s only a short walk.

To support these three major projects, Toronto’s 3rd annual fundraising gala on Saturday April 18th is raising money for the Centre. Tickets are $50 a person and include a raffle, entertainment, live music, dancing, and a vegetarian feast. If you aren’t able to attend but would like to support Sri Ratnam Hall, your home away from home, you can make a donation by going to

Halifax, on March 27th and Saskatoon on April will also be hosting fundraising events. Join the fun, celebrate as we move towards finishing these final projects.

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