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If you have ever wondered about some of the features of the new meditation hall, here are three interesting bits of information.

The meditation hall is built according to Vastu. There are very few buildings in Canada built on these principles. You can probably count them on your fingers.  Vastu is about placing a building in relation to the lines of the land and to the direction of the sun. For placement of the building, a proportion grid is used that represents the order of the cosmos. The same logic is applied to the dimensions and the directions of all the entry ways.  Where the water should come into the building and where it should flow out is also given consideration.

You may have noticed how the roof of the hall reflects differently in different light. The trim and architectural details for the roof are a metallic gold.  This color was chosen by Guruji and blended especially for us. It is a unique, new color that catches the sun’s light, shining, even on a 
cloudy day.

Guruji also guided the color of the exterior wood siding.  It is a deep and rich orange on a lodge pole pinewood.

We have about 380 feet of deck. It’s like an NHL skating rink of wood. Because we are a volunteer organization sometimes it is hard to keep up all the buildings with so few of us, so staining every three years would be a nightmare. We also didn’t want treated wood, which releases toxins.  However, for decks there are limited choices because something is needed that will last.

Cedar was a possibility, but it is very expensive and it still releases quite a bit of toxins that are really tough on the environment.

The wood that we used was Mailasie — the name in English is Siberian Fir. It is a wood that is not easy to find. With Mailasie you still have to take care of it, but even if you were not able to, the wood does not rot, it just gets grey. Venice is built on Mailasie. The wood becomes harder and harder with time even under water, almost like rock; it cannot even be cut.

For more information about the hall Building Foundations, a limited edition of the building of Isha and the new hall is available in the Art of Living Store.



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