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Wednesday, at lunch, the plan was for quinoa salad with vegetables. The quinoa came out too wet, so were transformed into burgers!

Everything in the universe has that basis of oneness that expresses itself in different forms.  In its highest form everything comes from consciousness and manifests in the infinite variety we see every day. This knowledge popped into my head when I was asked, “Do you want to cook another batch of quinoa?” Instead, I thought, let’s see how we can transform the quinoa, so it expresses itself in another form. That made me smile, for knowledge is there wherever you look.

Here is the quinoa burger recipe using the ingredients from the salad and some additions. If you make a dry quinoa, you can have a salad, and with a stickier quinoa you can make burgers! If making salad, use fresh chopped tomatoes and fresh herbs

We made about 20 burgers. Adjust the ingredients to meet your needs. The Feta cheese is optional. But the salty flavor of feta is a nice addition.

We used about 3 cups of soaked quinoa.  The veggies fit comfortably into a medium sized cast iron pan. They will cook down.




Red pepper


Soaked Sundried Tomatoes

Organic firm tofu (one large block)

Feta Cheese (crumbled into the mixture)


Bragg Liquid Aminos



Breadcrumbs (if needed)



Cook quinoa about 20 minutes.  You want a sticky quinoa rather than dry. Remove from pot into a large bowl and let it cool.

Meanwhile, sauté the veggies in olive oil on medium heat. Add finely crumbled oregano and basil (you can do this by rubbing the herb between with your fingers and thumb as you put it in the pan), sea salt, and a quick squeeze of Bragg over the vegetables, as they are sautéing.

Start with the finely chopped kale. When it softens a bit, add red pepper cubed, chopped asparagus, and chopped sundried tomatoes.

In the food processor bring the tofu to a smooth consistency.

Add the veggies a little at a time until tofu and vegetables are completely blended.

Add this to the quinoa until completely mixed.

Then add the feta and also blend this into the burger mix.

Check and balance spices.

If the mixture feels like it should be a little dryer, place bread into a food processor until you have crumbs and add them to the burger mix.

Grease a baking sheet, generously, with coconut oil. Do not use too much oil.  You want enough oil to help the burgers form a thin crust on both sides.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, increase to 400 when you place the burgers in the oven. (If you are making a smaller amount, you can also fry them on the stove.)

Place cornmeal onto a plate or bowl and add crushed basil and oregano and blend together.

Form the ingredients into patties. Coat them with the cornmeal mixture and place on the baking sheet.

Bake for 10 minutes or so, then check to see if they burgers are crispy. When they are, turn them and bake the other side.

Serve with tomato and lettuce.

(You can also melt cheese on top!)


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