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Each person who comes and volunteers adds changes and new ideas. Henry has been here since November and has introduced fresh juices/smoothies to breakfast and started growing sprouts for salads. He brought a simple easy method for sprouting, which you might want to try.


IMG_0146Purchase two plastic water pitchers from the store.









Take one pitcher and drill small holes around the bottom

IMG_0335 IMG_0338



Take the pitcher with the holes and place it into the second pitcher.

The handles should be aligned so that there is an air gap between the two containers.








IMG_0340 mung3 lentils fenugreek-seeds--bukkehornsfr_-hel-asatrading_1











Take the seeds or beans you will sprout and pour them in the container until it is a little less than ¼ full. Use large seeds such as mung, fenugreek, or whole lentils. Small seeds such as broccoli will fall through the holes.



Cover the container with a lid and set it on the counter.

Rinse the seeds well and then fill the containers with water. Let them soak for 12 hours or overnight.

















After 12 hours drain the water and rinse them well. The water will pour out of the bottom of the container. Any water that hasn’t spilled out will collect in the second container and you can empty it the next day. Rinse your seeds twice daily for three days










IMG_0353On the third day you should have sprouts.large plastic containers like the ones lettuce comes in to store your sprouts. They should be stored in the fridge when complete.



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