People’s commitment brings you comfort.  For example, the milkman’s commitment to bring you milk gives you comfort.  Similarly, your commitment should bring comfort to everyone else.  Sometimes one says, “Oh, I am stuck with the commitment so I am unhappy.’’  Now, don’t think every commitment will be smooth from the beginning.  If you are committed to complete your medical course, then there is bound to be some rough time in between. But commitment can take you across all obstacles. And the greater the achievement, the greater the commitment.  The more you commit, the more your capacity and capability to do any work. Commitment is always about something a little more.  You don’t say, “I am committed to drink a glass of water or walk one kilometer’’, which you do anyway.  If you think, “I can only do this much work’’, then your commitment has to be more than what you think you can do.  Commitment is about stretching your capabilities.
» Sri Sri Ravi Shankar”


If you said, “The ceiling is up!” You ‘d be exactly right.

Do you remember the April before the new hall was built? We were sitting outside with Guruji behind Isa. The hall was so crowded. Outside we could spread, even with our umbrellas. Guruji said that day, yet again, we need a bigger hall, and by the following April, the walls of the new hall were up and they had their first blessing.

Work is now going on downstairs and again your help is needed. No skills required except the desire to help and follow instructions.

Your joy and dedication add to the liveliness and joy that permeate this space. The faces of seva warriors are many – come join us for a day, a week-end, a week, or longer – bring a group or come alone.

To participate call 819-532-3328, to let us know when you would like to come. There is no charge when you come for full-time seva, and if you would like to come for half day of seva and rest for the other part of your visit, the charge is $30.

We look forward to seeing you!





Recently we have been listening to the Bhaki Sutras in evening Satsang. During the day, I have been working on publicity for the upcoming programs at the Centre.  Most lively in my awareness has been Guruji’s visit in April.  “Shine with the Master” had been rattling around in my head when one night Guruji, on a Bhakti Sutra, recorded here in 2002, began talking about waking- up the Divine.

He said, “Enlightenment is awakening the divinity within you.”

Of course, one immediately wonders, “How to do this?”  The most prominent method, he tells us “… is the company of the enlightened, the company of the saint, and a tiny ray of grace from the divine.”

“To be like a child,” we are reminded, “you have to be with a child” for “you catch those qualities of the child.”  “You play with them; you become innocent like them.”

“To be happy be with a happy person. If you want to be miserable and upset, be with someone who is grumbling all the time, soon you’ll be grumbling.”

If you are in the company of a rich person you won’t starve, you don’t have to worry about a shelter; you don’t have to worry about your transportation. Company of rich will make you rich.  The company of those who are happy will make you happy, and the company of one who is free will bring freedom.

All these qualities and more are found in one who is enlightened.  That person is like a child, is happy, is rich, is free, and shining in love.

“The means for kindling love is to be with one who is in love.”

“The company of one who is in that Divine Love will make you shine in that love.”

This is what happens with Guruji; we shine in love.

This April from the 10th to the 14th you have the opportunity to be with Guruji, to be in his company at the International Art of Living Centre Canada – as well as at several other venues.

We urge you to come and be in his company and to take this opportunity to receive the Shakti (Advanced) kriya.

When we come together with him we shine – through our smiles, our tears, our gratitude, in reflective moments, in seva, sadhana, and Satsang.

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