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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, “If you are a giver of happiness you get joy and love.” Volunteering, or being in seva gives us the opportunity of being givers of joy and love. With all the wonderful comments we received from people this Guru Purnima about loving their time at the Centre, we knew this gratitude had to be shared with the people who made this visit possible, so a letter went out to the volunteer team that mentioned each person who had served and in what capacity, and partially began:

“Our mantra this year was Smile and Serve. And everyone served with a big smile. You showered all with your Selfless Service and proved that every challenge can be addressed with a smile.

Many people came on Guru Purnima night and said “Canada is the best”; you all make Canada a welcome home for everyone.”

And the love and joy flowed back in the following responses.

“Thank you for taking the time to express appreciation to the whole team! It means a lot.”

“It was a wonderful visit, so very happy Guruji came and blessed us all. The whole Ashram had such a calmness and quietness enveloping it this year.
Thank you for your thoughts and appreciation of all the Seva team.”

“Thanks to our Beloved Guruji to give me this great opportunity to love and serve with beautiful souls like you are! I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing family… to be a part of You!”

“I have never received a letter like this where someone painstakingly put all the names. It goes to show how much you care. THANK YOU for the opportunity to be in such wonderful Seva. These opportunities are a blessing beyond understanding :)”

“Everything at Guru Purnima was so beautifully organized. Everyone I spoke to had only good things to say, and how much they enjoyed being there. Congratulations for a very successful event, and thank you for all the hard work that you do.”

“Thank you all for making this year’s GP so very beautiful and successful. I wanted to share a brief exchange I had with someone I did not know, on the day I was leaving.

As I was loading my luggage into my car, a girl came running up to me”.

She said: ” I saw you from my window and I wanted to meet you before you leave. Are you leaving now?” I told her I was and that I was going back home to Montreal. “You know I come from Malaysia. This is my first time in Canada. I want to tell you that I loved it here and felt really taken care of and loved by everybody. Thank you for making this the best experience I have ever had. You are all so caring.”

“This was just one of many such comments I got from different people about their experience this Guru Purnima. Whilst sorting through Guruji’s question basket at satsang I also came across many such notes of gratitude about the ashram and the ashramites. Thank you all for all your hard work and dedication.”

“Yes indeed, Canadian Ashram is home. A big Thank You to our ashramites for taking care of us. It is blessed to be part of the team. Thank You for taking time to write a sweet acknowledgment email to all of us.”

“We have a teacher who wants to see us happy all the time, and that is what I feel we have all lived thorough. I wish you all and to all that every second of our lives are made as well. That next year we again have that wonderful experience and that we can inspire the entire planet to take. It is my intention and I hope will be shared by all.”

“We are very grateful to Guruji for giving us the opportunity to be at ashram and participate in seva team.”

“We had a real blissful time. Really looking forward to coming home to ashram again soon”.

“Thank you for your words of appreciation to the seva team. A sure way to move forward in AOL Canada, is to shower appreciation unconditionally on each other.

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