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IMG_5065 IMG_4560 I’m continuously grateful that I found the Art of Living Foundation. It is a special Foundation that helps people of all backgrounds traditions and cultures, and addresses people’s needs in many ways. The idea for The Lifestyle Retreats program came out of a desire to make the International Centre in Quebec available to as many people as possible.

So much has written about how our food, well-being, and happiness are impacted by our lifestyle that this seemed a natural focus for our program. One of our enthusiastic organizers learned of the statistics on people who are struck with cancer. He brought to our attention the need for people who have overcome this illness to learn tools and techniques to help reduce stress and re-energize the body in healthy ways.

We spoke with numerous specialists concerning what we could offer, and the response to the program from government and medical community has been exceptional. They see the need for people in remission under their care to learn ways to manage stress and improve their well-being.  As in other programs participants will be asked to complete a health questionnaire, so we can individually support each person who attends the retreat.  People can come on their own, or with a companion or family member.  We want to make everyone feel at home and well cared for.

Our aim is that the format of the Lifestyle Retreats encourages attainable basic skills – those that naturally and easily help participants to become happier and healthier. We decided to include two important programs – the Art of Meditation and the Happiness Program.  And we decided to start in October, when the autumn colours are so beautiful. Many people come to the foundation at this time of year just to see the colours.

The 6-day program for people in remission from cancer includes, time to rest, walk in nature, and socialize. Gentle yoga will be offered daily.  Talks on food, and insights on current research findings by our special guest speaker, Dr. Bharti Verma will also be provided .

For this October’s retreat we are excited and delighted to have Giorgio Minneci,  our chef from Italy, preparing the meals. Much thought and research is being done so the menus reflect current findings on foods that help combat cancer.

While this, our first Lifestyle retreat program, is focusing on helping people who are in remission from cancer, future programs will focus on other communities and their particular needs.  If you have suggestions for groups we can support please do let us know.Help us help others.

Lifestyle Retreat October 6th to 11th – Canadian Thanksgiving Week-end.

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