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Below is the description of the herbs available.

Benefits of Brahmi:
  • Helps to improve mental alertness
  • Helps to improve memory acquisition and retention
  • Reduces the risk of age related cognitive impairment and dementia
  • Suitable for Alzheimer’s disease patients
  • Beneficial for epilepsy patients
  • Helps to protect the brain from ill effects of stress
  • Beneficial in insomnia
  • Helps people with ADD/ADHD
Benefits of Haritaki
  • Helps to ease bowel movement
  • Beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract
  • Helps to reduce the risk of peptic ulcer
  • Helps to protect the gut from pathogens
  • Possesses antibacterial and antioxidant properties
  • Promotes wisdom, intellect and eyesight
  • Helps with anemia
  • Improves complection

Benefits of Tulasi

  • Protects the respiratory tract from infection
  • Helps to treat infections of the respiratory tract
  • Helps to improve breathing by reducing inflammation of the airways; beneficial for asthma patients
  • Helps to reduce chronic cough due to chronic acid reflux
  • Protects the lungs from carcinogens
  • Has anti allergic properties
Benefits of Satavari
  • Helps to increase stamina
  • Helps to reduce mental stress
  • Beneficial for the sexual health of menopausal and postmenopausal women
  • Helps to stimulate lactation in nursing women
  • Acts as antioxidant
  • Acts as antacid
  • Acts as a female reproductive system toner
  • Enhances fertility
Benefits of Amla
  • Helps to improve immunity
  • Lowers the risk of cold, cough and other infections of respiratory tract
  • Protects and strengthens the tissues of the body
  • Protects the liver
  • Helps to boost the natural antioxidant defense system of the body
  • Protects from bacterial, viral and fungal infections
  • Helps to accelerate the wound healing process
  • Protects the body from radiation
  • Helps to reduce the risk of cancers
  • Helps to fight diabetes
  • Acts as antacid
Benefits of Yashtimadhu
  • Provides digestive support
  • Soothes mucousal tissues of the body
  • Regulates the fire element – Pita
  • Reduces hyperacidity
  • Relieves dry sore thorat
  • Improves voice quality
Benefits of Triphala
  • Eases bowel movement
  • Helps to improve gastrointestinal health
  • Aids digestion
  • Helps to elevate antioxidant level of the body
  • Helps to prevent liver dysfunction
  • Helps to heal food borne diseases and diarrhea

Benefits of Ashwagandha

  • Helps to reduce stress
  • Helps to prevent stress-induced complications
  • Helps to inhibit oxidative stress
  • Beneficial for men suffering from stress-induced infertility
  • Helps to reduce anxiety and depression
  • Helps to improve memory
  • A pain reliever
  • Promotes normal functioning of muscles, marrow and semen
Benefits of Neem
  • Blood purifier
  • Improves liver function
  • Reduces acne
  • Protects the skin from bacterial and fungal infections
  • Reduces the risk of skin cancer
  • Useful in the treatment of diabetes

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