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When Sri Sri Ravi Shankar comes to the Centre we are at our busiest. We can have as many as 1000 visitors. So, we have been asked, “What do you do when we are not here?” This question always makes me smile. As if work retreats when numbers are smaller. It’s a time when a different type of work gets done. This winter, Isha is getting a facelift, which includes painting, sanding, staining, installing new light fixtures, and changing the furnishings a bit.

The office was the first place cleaned and rearranged. Wires were contained and removed from the floor, shelves tidied and plants added.

The kitchen, though, has received the most attention. The goal was to make it easier to clean and less crowded. Freshly painted walls have been covered with a washable plastic. The new wire kitchen storage units have wheels increasing mobility and cleaning ease. The floors were buffeted with wax three times, bringing a high shine, which makes cleaning them easier. There is also a new counter and new light fixtures that brighten the space.

The walk-in, where fresh produce is stored, will be metal inside with a tilted floor, have better lighting, and new wire storage racks.

Walk out of the kitchen and into the hallway and you will notice it too has been freshly painted with new lighting. There are, now, metal coat and shoe racks and a bench to sit as you tug on your boots. And there is a new all weather carpet at the entrance!

All the wood baseboards, doors, and framing on the first and second floors have been sanded and will be stained whereas before they were varnished. As well, the hallways and vestibule have received a new coat of paint.

If you use the computers when you come, you will notice that area has been redesigned and made cozier and more comfortable. The walls are now a soothing contrasting light and dark blue.

Changes are still materializing.  Stop by and check out our progress or come and lend a hand and join this celebration of transformation!

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