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photos (616 of 1628)Emotions just show up. You try to hide them and often you are not successful in doing so. If you are happy it shows up on your face and you’re unhappy it shows up on your face. And however hard you try to hold back the emotion it definitely shows up. Now, whether you should dramatize and create more trauma in other people and in yourself or rein it in, is your will, is your wisdom. You get upset with your boss you don’t show it as much as you show it to your spouse or your children. You do show it, but you have that regulator, you control how much it should be shown and that controller, the regulator, the thermostat is your wisdom. Where to show how much to show? That, in itself, is culturing our nervous system, culturing of our mind. Now, sometimes, if it’s uncontrollable, the emotions just come up. Don’t tag them. This is good or bad; that is how it is. It is okay to express anger; it is ok to express sadness, it is perfectly all right to express your joy or gratefulness. If tears come flowing it is perfectly okay. Do it. But be sensitive to the people around you when doing that, if possible. And I tell you most of the time it will be possible. Suppressing emotion is no good and dramatizing and overtly expressing is no good – middle path.”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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