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k&B -2How is Sri Sri Yoga different from other forms of yoga?
It’s not entirely unique and as I said all the good schools of yoga will have the same elements of yoga, but their emphasis makes a difference. Like a song, you can sing the same song in so many different ways. The one who has learned the song music properly who understands the music properly, is skilled at it, is talented at it will sing it in such a way as it will touch your heart. The same song can be sung by someone who really doesn’t really understand the music but thinks he is a singer, and now the same song will not affect you, so that is the difference. We are learning from a Master who is well established who is still in himself, who is established in himself, so it’s like an accomplished musician and that’s what we experience. So when we teach or practice the yoga the way he teaches, tells us it has a profound effect. Sri Yoga expands you on all levels; it makes you feel much bigger than just this small body.

If you were to say in a couple of sentences what is Sri Sri Yoga, how would you define it?
SSY is a very beautiful, simple way to take care of your body, take care of your mind and connect with inner Being. In a very simple way, there is nothing complicated about it; it is very safe. What’s happening these days are all these weird and complicated postures. People are hurting themselves, everybody trying to become a little bit more flexible, stronger than the others and in the process they’re hurting themselves. In Sri Sri Yoga we practice in a very safe way. Our emphasis is not just on the body it’s on all levels of our Being.

Does it appeal to a particular group of people or can anybody so it?
Anybody, it doesn’t matter who they are what there age is what their physical condition is because it’s so safe. It can challenge the people who practice yoga regularly and it can provide safe and simple techniques to people who are beginners. We know that just simple variations in the postures that we learn to teach that can make the postures very intense for people who have been practicing for some time and a small variation can just make it so simple that anybody can do it.

How long have you been teaching Sri Sri Yoga?
We started about 12 years ago. I am not sure if it was 2001 or 2002. We have taught basically in every country, you can name, around the world. We have lots of teachers everywhere. People just love it, all religions and all cultures. They love it because everybody wants to be healthy, everybody wants to be happy, and everybody wants to know him or her self. They are getting a good wholesome experience of yoga, and they just love it.

You have been given the title, Yogacharya by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. What does this mean?
This means someone who understands yoga, someone who can teach properly, someone who can guide people properly on the path of yoga. It’s a blessing to have that from your Master. You can get this title also from other places – from schools, from yoga schools, or some people give it themselves, there is nothing to stop this, anyone can call themselves what they want to but when it’s given from the Master, it means a lot. I feel blessed that way.

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