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 Ayurveda explains how we can stay balanced in an environment that is constantly changing, especially the weather! Did you comfortably get through the hot days of the past summer, or did your life get overheated? What changes are you making to your clothing, lifestyle and diet now that fall is here?We may feel that we do not know how to offset the influences of the many factors that affect our disposition; dealing with these may be confusing or overwhelming. Yet, it is important to attend to how we interact with other people and changes in our environment, and to be aware of what we are taking from every interaction.

Ayurveda offers a simple way to understand these things and achieve balance. There are three levels of approach:

1)    Staying healthy – Understanding your individual constitution (doshas) and making appropriate lifestyle choices that will keep you in balance and give you steady energy. This includes proper hygiene, exercise, sleep and nutrition.

2)    Recognizing imbalance and taking steps to correct it – This starts with reducing the lifestyle and dietary habits that are contributing to the imbalance, and supplementing with treatments to cleanse the senses and centre the mind.

3)    Retreating from the “too-much-ness” of life – for a few minutes (yoga and meditation), a few hours (a spa or nature day), or a few days (a short fast or a health retreat), however long it will take for you to feel rejuvenated.

Sri Sri Ayurvedic offers education, lifestyle consultations and treatments to support individuals on each of these levels. Our health retreats combine rest, a cleansing diet, treatments, and herbal therapies to help you adjust to a change of season, support your body in cleansing the excesses of the past, and rejuvenate in order to enter the next season with positive energy.

A calm, meditative mind can give you much energy and will power. As we rise above the mundane to see the bigger picture, it becomes easier to drop our small desires, resist food cravings, and stick to health goals. However, many of us find it difficult to come back to well-being once we get unbalanced. We are not recuperating our physical and mental energy, and consequently our health takes a downward slide. We are not attending to the container – our mind and body – we are simply dumping things into it, such as information and junk food. We are not expanding the capacity of the container or attending to its cleanliness. Recognizing that behavioral and thought patterns must be attended to is the first step to achieving good health.

Movement is a self-inflicted constant in our society but often, we do not understand what effect movement, such as travel and communication, is having on us or how to deal with the stress it creates.

For some, fall’s chilly winds are adding to the excess of movement in their lives right now. If you have more Space and Air in your constitution (Vata dosha), you may easily feel chilled, lightheaded or nervous, especially when you have to travel on a windy day. You will benefit from wearing a head cover, to stay warm and to keep the wind out of your ears.

Pitta people, however, have a fiery constitution and may be very happy to have this cooler weather, after an initial period of adjustment.

Those who are heavy in body (Kapha Dosha) have more Earth and Waterin their constitution. The hearty bean dishes and the leafy greens of fall (think kale) will give them fortitude without adding weight. Plenty of exercise in the fresh air will help them gain balance.

All doshas will now enjoy warmer, heavier foods with more Water, Earth and Fire in them: sweet root vegetables, savoury dishes with warming spices that aid digestion, hot ginger tea, casseroles and pies fresh from the oven. Consuming the elements that are low in your constitution will quickly bring you back to balance.

The beauty of Art of Living and Sri Sri Ayurveda is that they offer daily routines, lifestyle and diet recommendations that help us stay balanced and centered.

Ask about an Ayurvedic weekend retreat, or join us for an Art of Silence Course December 2tth to January 1st and sign up for some Ayurvedic treatments to deepen your experience while you are here.

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