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Adjusting to autumn is always a delicate seasonal change for everyone. Fall increases Vata, so you may notice your digestive system is a little ‘off’-some gas, distension, constipation or even a gurgling colon or involuntary twitching of muscles. All these are signs of increased Vata. It can be corrected by more warm moist foods and water. We can also give ourselves a short warm oil massage. We also need to take care, especially, to keep our ears covered in cold windy weather. Then our balance returns quickly and we move through the season with comfort.

People with strong Vata discomfort also need to increase their digestive fire.

One delicious way of doing this is to grate and squeeze some fresh ginger, add lemon juice and honey to taste and a pinch of rock or sun-dried sea salt. Take 1 teaspoon before meals and enjoy.

Another is this recipe for squash soup. Start to finish it takes about half an hour.

Squash is a great energy vegetable because it sits in the sun and absorbs loads of Prana.

Use as many organic veggies as you can. You can play with the recipe by experimenting with other herbs.

Quantity for two persons:

– one small butternut squash

– one medium carrot

– one stick of celery

– a little grated ginger and a pinch of cinnamon if you wish

– salt and pepper to taste

– a teaspoon of ghee or olive oil

Wash the vegetables. Without peeling the squash, chop into smallish pieces, removing any seeds (keep these to dry roast with a little celtic salt for snacks). Chop the other vegetables in the same way.

Heat the ghee or oil in a pan. Add the vegetables and turn and roast for a few minutes until colouring a little. Add water to more than cover the vegetables. Add seasonings of choice. Simmer until cooked (around 20 minutes). Pass through a blender, and correct the consistency and seasoning to taste. Place in a bowl and add a little chopped parsley or cilantro for colour. Serve with some crusty bread or crackers.

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