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Deepening Roots, this summer from June 29th to July 7th at the International Art of Living Centre – Canada.
Deepening roots is an innovative and practical training program allowing participants to reconnect with their food system and providing a means to improving their own health and the health of their community!
The core program is made up of five elements: sustainable agriculture, health and wellness, empowerment, meditation and community. 

Sustainable Agriculture: During the immersion we explore ways to create and support healthy, dynamic, sustainable food systems from the cultivation and distribution to consumption of food. Participants are exposed to a spectrum of time tested interdisciplinary approaches of organic agriculture. Hands on topics include garden design, companion planting, crop rotation, poly-culture design, composting, and building healthy soil.

Health & Wellness: Nutrition brings attention to the idea ‘you are what you eat’. Participants understand the makeup and role of the key body systems. Maintenance of each system’s vitality through diet and cleansing is emphasized. We also focus on the role of whole food dishes of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and dairy to promote sustained good health.
Recipes include: smoothies, raw deserts, raw crackers, salad dressings, soups, seed and nut pates, sauces, grain and veggie dishes, medicinal spices, yogurt, cheese, seed cheeses and much more.
Empowerment: Deepening Roots will challenge participants to put their philosophies into action while developing leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Throughout the process, participants will gain awareness of the tendencies of the mind that hinder our ability to effectively work towards sustainable change.
Meditation: As we attend to the environmental and social challenges of our time it is crucial we do so in a focused, centered, light hearted and committed mind state. Meditation is a tool to establish and nurture these positive qualities. Participants experience daily yoga and guided meditation practices.
Community: Learning, sharing and working together in an accepting and inspiring environment is critical to the success of our programs. Together we generate ideas and solutions that will aid the development of new social systems that place emphasis on sustainability, health and agriculture.

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Deepening Roots gave me the confidence and energy to make a real difference. This program changed me from a person who worried about the environment and social issues to someone who can work effectively for positive change.

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