Lifestyle Retreat

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I’m continuously grateful that I found the Art of Living Foundation. It is a special Foundation that helps people of all backgrounds traditions and cultures, and addresses people’s needs in many ways. The idea for The Lifestyle Retreats program came out of a desire to make the International Centre in Quebec available to as many… Read more »

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Address to the United Nations 50th Anniversary

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New York August 1995   Beloved souls I am glad we are gathered here to ponder the ways and means to bring back human values to society. Today, I see the crisis in the world as one of identification: A man identifies himself with his profession, religion, race, culture, nationality, language, region, or sex. Only… Read more »

You Are Transformed

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Sri Ratnam hall captivates with its distinctive Asian influences – from the intricately hand-carved doors from Bali and its strikingly golden roof, changing hues depending on the reflected light. Large windows capture the surrounding forest, lake and sky. But before it took on its true form we used to call it the Rona box because… Read more »