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Come! Volunteer!  The International Art of Living Centre in Canada is looking for volunteers to increase its actual staff.  In fact, we need 19 volunteers! Currently, we are looking for: Kitchen: 2 cooks Garden: 5 people Maintenance: 2 (with some experience) Housekeeping: 1 head department + 1 helper Publicity and communication: 1 administrative assistant 1… Read more »

You Are Transformed

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Sri Ratnam hall captivates with its distinctive Asian influences – from the intricately hand-carved doors from Bali and its strikingly golden roof, changing hues depending on the reflected light. Large windows capture the surrounding forest, lake and sky. But before it took on its true form we used to call it the Rona box because… Read more »


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“Seva is our own inner joy pouring forth into action. It is not a compulsion, duty or uncomfortable obligation, but instead a natural state of mind that is poised to offer what is needed according to time, place and situation. Seva connects us to others and makes them a part of us. The barriers dissolve… Read more »