Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – A Fresh Breath of Ayurveda (Part 1)

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Life has four characteristics: it exists, evolves, expresses and extinguishes. And for these, it depends on five elements: the earth, water, air, ether and fire. These correspond to the five senses: smell, taste, touch, sound and sight. Ayurveda is the study of life — Veda means to know and Ayur is life. According to Ayurveda,… Read more »

Vedic Wisdom Program

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The Vedic Wisdom program at the Bangalore Ashram from February 9th to March 7th, is an opportunity to immerse oneself in ancient and timeless knowledge. This 4-week program includes the Upanayana Ceremony, which allows one to be reborn in the spiritual world through knowledge. The Upanayana ceremony is one of the traditional samskaras, or ‘purificatory… Read more »

The Nature of Joy

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The nature of joy is you want to share with others. When you’re happy, you don’t say, “I’m so happy don’t disturb me.” When you’re happy you don’t say leave me alone I want to be by myself. What do you do when you’re happy? You want to share the happiness with others – you… Read more »