Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – A Fresh Breath of Ayurveda (Part 1)

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Life has four characteristics: it exists, evolves, expresses and extinguishes. And for these, it depends on five elements: the earth, water, air, ether and fire. These correspond to the five senses: smell, taste, touch, sound and sight. Ayurveda is the study of life — Veda means to know and Ayur is life. According to Ayurveda,… Read more »

Quick and Easy Sprouting

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Each person who comes and volunteers adds changes and new ideas. Henry has been here since November and has introduced fresh juices/smoothies to breakfast and started growing sprouts for salads. He brought a simple easy method for sprouting, which you might want to try.   Purchase two plastic water pitchers from the store.    … Read more »

Quinoa Transformed From Salad to Burgers

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Wednesday, at lunch, the plan was for quinoa salad with vegetables. The quinoa came out too wet, so were transformed into burgers! Everything in the universe has that basis of oneness that expresses itself in different forms.  In its highest form everything comes from consciousness and manifests in the infinite variety we see every day…. Read more »

Finding Balance

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   Ayurveda explains how we can stay balanced in an environment that is constantly changing, especially the weather! Did you comfortably get through the hot days of the past summer, or did your life get overheated? What changes are you making to your clothing, lifestyle and diet now that fall is here?We may feel that… Read more »

Fall Tips from Ayurveda

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Adjusting to autumn is always a delicate seasonal change for everyone. Fall increases Vata, so you may notice your digestive system is a little ‘off’-some gas, distension, constipation or even a gurgling colon or involuntary twitching of muscles. All these are signs of increased Vata. It can be corrected by more warm moist foods and… Read more »