Stories Unfolding

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Sometimes you see something, work with something, enjoy something, and still don’t see the diamond in your midst. Distancing can change that. The intellect provides distance, sparks memory and moves the heart. We have been working on a grant for the garden. It is specific, and logical. It is not looking for stories or photographers,… Read more »

Gardening in Winter?

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What does a gardener do during the winter? Hibernate?  That would be a good way to store up energy for the work ahead, but all gardeners have time for is cat naps – last year’s garden must be reviewed and improved, seed catalogues perused, seeds ordered, this year’s garden organized, and seedlings started.  It is… Read more »

Meet Stephanie!

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Stephanie spent the summer at the Centre mostly working in the garden and landscaping, which she does as a profession. She was particularly interested in the potential of the garden to yield a variety of plants that could be used to create a tasty nutritious salad. Before she returned to France she wrote up her… Read more »

Experience the Five Elements of Deepening Roots!

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Deepening Roots, this summer from June 29th to July 7th at the International Art of Living Centre – Canada. Deepening roots is an innovative and practical training program allowing participants to reconnect with their food system and providing a means to improving their own health and the health of their community! The core program is… Read more »

Bring Peace to the Soul – Organic Gardening Possibilities

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Frog and Toad are best of friends, as you know if you are familiar with Arnold Lobel’s stories.  In the story “The Garden” Frog is busily tending his flower garden when Toad walks by and seeing Frog’s magnificent flowers, and wishes for his own garden. Toad gives him some seeds and tells him, “It is… Read more »