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All of us want to be beautiful, whether we admit it or not. Our desire for beauty is woven into our nature. We invest a lot of time, money and energy in how we look and feel. Yet, are we satisfied with the outcome?

Most of time we remain disappointed not being able to reach the standards set by the fashion and cosmetics industry- the ”perfect” faces and bodies seen in every magazine. Confused with what beauty is, if not supermodels between the covers of magazines, we need to ask ourselves: What is meant by beauty?


Driven as a teenager and in my mid twenties and early thirties by market ideals and trends, I constantly searched for a better, more beautiful version myself. Because I wasn’t able to acknowledge and appreciate my beauty, I wasn’t able to appreciate myself.

Slowly, I came to realize that I wasn’t alone. My friends, even those I considered exceedingly attractive, focused on their flaws, my hips are too big, my mouth is too wide, my waist should be slimmer, rather than the beauty in themselves. To fix these perceived flaws, the cosmetic and fashion industry offered us Botox, facelifts, plastic surgery, prescription exfoliants, and diet pills.

It took me years to heal something fundamental inside me, so I could be grateful and appreciate my uniqueness. When I found Ayurveda, I finally understood that beauty is not about conforming to a specific facial structure, eye color, or body size – it is about a unique synergy of inner and outer beauty.

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KUBS9899A beautiful person is a person who takes care of her or himself. The more depth there is to that care, the more beauty manifests. Ayurveda says we can have it all, naturally. When our physiology is in balance, we can attain a youthful lasting beauty. By adopting a healing attitude and better life style practices, we nurture our inner and outer beauty.

As a holistic esthetician and Ayurvedic practitioner, with almost 10 years in the field, I have met many people desperate to change how they look and feel. We can enhance our natural beauty by taking care of and being attentive to ourselves. This takes personal time and focus, but the steps are natural and easy.

The most important message is that we can’t take ourselves for granted. We came into this world with the responsibility to take care of ourselves equally as well as we take care of others. Taking care of your self can be expressed in so many different ways:

• Through meditation or yoga, side bend smile

• A quiet afternoon by yourself,

• A daily walk in the park unwinding from a busy day,

• Massaging your body,

• Relaxing in a warm bath at night,

• Or reading a book.

“Taking time for yourself” is a truly intimate and personal experience of reconnecting with your self.

Begin with small, yet achievable healthy lifestyle changes. You will notice a new glow and freshness in how you look and feel just from following even one of these simple tips.
• Go to bed and turn off the light by 9:45 pm and get up by 6 am
• Take a walk outdoors for at least 15 minutesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
• Eat fresh, pure, organic food.
• Cook at home rather than eating out.
• Eat a light evening meal by 7 pm.
• A few times a week, take time for self-massage with an oil of your choice before a shower or bath.
• Use natural and organic skin care products for face and body
• Stretch for 15 min daily.
• Meditate regularly.
• Get an Ayurvedic treatment once a month to feel remarkably rejuvenation.

The Ayurveda definition of beauty is to make “each body part auspicious”.

Our skin, the sense organ that covers our entire face and body, is perhaps the foremost contributor to our physical beauty. It is also the first place to show signs of aging, such as wrinkles, brown spots and sagging.
Here are few tips (an ideal routine) for ideal skin:

Give Your Skin Beauty Sleep
• Fortunately, our skin has a daily cleansing cycle that helps to eliminate toxins and protect its healthy glow. This cycle occurs during the night or “pitta” time, from 10 pm to 2 am. If you are sleeping during this time your skin and body can effectively cleanse itself and purge toxins accumulated during the day.
• Another secret to a beautiful skin is waking up early. Lying in bed after 6 am tends to increase “kapha”, your sluggish, liquidy dosha. The result is a puffy face and bags under the eyes.

Find a simple skin care routine that works for you
• Keep the skin healthy by cleansing twice a day and protect it by using a moisturizer. Once you’re comfortable with this, you can add an exfoliant, a mask and serum to your routine.

KUBA7280Choose skin care treatments and products that support your skin and help it to heal.
• I have been working with Shankara, an Ayurvedic skin care line, for years and have seen major improvement and healing. Whatever you choose, go for natural and organic.

You may not yet believe that these simple tips, like a body self massage, gentle stretching, eating your biggest meal at lunch, going to bed early, using natural organic skin care can make a difference, but if you follow at least one or few of these tips, you will see a remarkable transition in your appearance.

When we love ourselves on a daily basis, we quickly and naturally become more beautiful.

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