Thai Green Curry (Gen Kio Waan)

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An adaption by visiting chef from COY wholefood. All ingredients are organic. Vegan Green Curry Paste (Makes enough to feed 8) You’ll need: 1 small handful of walnuts (other nuts work fine as well) 1 teaspoon coconut sugar 2 tablespoons unroasted (raw) sesame seed oil 2 lemongrass stalks ½ teaspoon turmeric 3 whole peppercorns 2… Read more »

Lifestyle Retreat

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I’m continuously grateful that I found the Art of Living Foundation. It is a special Foundation that helps people of all backgrounds traditions and cultures, and addresses people’s needs in many ways. The idea for The Lifestyle Retreats program came out of a desire to make the International Centre in Quebec available to as many… Read more »