Fall Tips from Ayurveda

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Adjusting to autumn is always a delicate seasonal change for everyone. Fall increases Vata, so you may notice your digestive system is a little ‘off’-some gas, distension, constipation or even a gurgling colon or involuntary twitching of muscles. All these are signs of increased Vata. It can be corrected by more warm moist foods and… Read more »


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Silence is the mother of all creativity! Silence is the mother of beauty and love. Intuition, invention, poetry, everything comes out of silence.  Even Sudarshan Kriya came out of silence. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Prayer within breath is silence Love within Infinity is silence Wisdom without word is silence Compassion without aim is silence Action… Read more »

The Beauty of an Ayurvedic Facial Massage

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What comes to mind when you hear  the word facial? Something for beauty conscious women concerned with aging skin? A pampering beauty ritual? Yes  its all this. A facial massage can give you  younger-looking skin. It can also firm, smooth and sculpt the face. But an Ayurvedic facial is much, much more. It is a truly holistic treatment… Read more »