GURUJI_ADDDRESSING_PEOPLE (9)How to bring good health to a system? First, attend to the ether element that is the mind element. If your mind is clogged with too many impressions and thoughts, it is draining you of your resistance power and is preparing your body for some illness. If the mind is clear, calm, meditative and pleasant, the resistance in the body increases. It would not allow an illness to come into the body. Thus, the first remedy is to calm down the mind, provided by the ether. Then come to the air element, the breathing. Aromatherapy depends on this element. And then light — the colour therapy. You can see an illness in the aura of a person before it manifests in the body. Some physicians have done research on the aura photography, especially in cases of ulcers, cancer and diabetes. They took photographs six months before these diseases could manifest in the body and found some spots. By energising our system with the prana — life energy or breath — you can clear the aura and prevent the illness before it comes. That is what yoga does. Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutras, says that the purpose of yoga is, “Stopping the sorrow before it arises.”

And then, come to the water element. Fasting with water, purifying the system with water can bring a balance in the system. And final recourse, of course, is different medicinal herbs, medicines and surgery. All these come when everything else fails or when we neglect these other steps; then it becomes inevitable.

Our breath has a lot of secrets to offer to us, because for every emotion in the mind, there is corresponding rhythm in the breath. And each rhythm affects certain part of the body physically. Observing the great correlation between these sensations, the level of body and moods of the mind is meditation.

Have you observed the sensation you experience when someone praises you? Or, when you feel happy looking at a sunset or are meeting someone very close and dear to you? You feel a sense of expansion of mind, of consciousness. Though we do feel that happiness and the sensation is happening, we fail to notice the connection. It is because our attention is on that object, not on the sensation. And when you are miserable, there is a sensation of contraction. Somewhere you feel tight and tense inside; there is a contraction of the consciousness — that’s misery, sorrow. Knowledge is, knowing that which expands. What is this something in this body which is expanding and contracting, which is feeling happy or feeling miserable, which is expressing and which is experiencing, which is evolving and which is moving through the events? This knowledge, this enquiry is the study of consciousness, of life, of prana, of Ayurveda.

Breathing is the first act of life and this is also the last act of life. In between, though we are breathing in and out forever, we do not attend to the breath. If you attend to the breath, you’ll find that in one minute we breathe nearly sixteen to seventeen times. If you are upset you may go up to twenty; if you are extremely tense and angry, maybe twenty-five breaths per minute. But if you are calm, pleasant and happy, you will breathe ten times; and if you are in deep meditation, then only two breaths or three.

If you observe an infant and its breathing pattern, you will be amazed how balanced it breathes. Infants breathe from all the three sections of the body. Their breath goes very deep, and as they breathe in, their belly comes out; as they breathe out their belly moves in. But more nervous and tense you are, you will do the reverse. You don’t have to go to a school or learn these things from anybody. If your mind is very keen and observant, then you learn a lot just observing people, children and the nature around. But our mind is preoccupied with so many things, judgements, opinions and impressions that we are unable to observe and perceive the refined things in nature.


GURUJI_ADDDRESSING_PEOPLE (9)Life has four characteristics: it exists, evolves, expresses and extinguishes. And for these, it depends on five elements: the earth, water, air, ether and fire. These correspond to the five senses: smell, taste, touch, sound and sight.

Ayurveda is the study of life — Veda means to know and Ayur is life. According to Ayurveda, life or existence is not rigid compartments — it is a harmonious flow. Even the five elements are not tight compartments of defined objects — they flow into one another. Each one of the elements contains the other four. So, the approach of Ayurveda towards life is holistic.

The subtlest element in us is space, which the mind is made up of, and the grossest element is the earth, which our bones, skin and body structure are made up of. To understand the physiology, its characteristics and its reflection on the mind, the human system is divided into three Doshas or imbalances: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

When an illness arises, it manifests first in the thought form, which is the subtlest aspect, and then in the sound form. Thereafter it manifests in the light form, that is, in the aura. It is only then that the illness manifests itself in the body. To begin with, simple symptoms arise in the fluid form, which can be eradicated, and then only they manifest in the grossest form, where they need medication. In aromatherapy, an illness can be cured just through fragrance. It is mostly focussed on the preventive aspect.

The holistic approach of Ayurveda includes exercising, breathing and meditation. Breath is synonymous to life. For all practical purposes, if someone is not breathing, that’s the sign that there is no life there.

It is very interesting to notice the relationship between breath and the three Doshas in the body. These Doshas affect certain parts of the body more than the others. For example, Vata Dosha is predominant in the lower part of the body — stomach, intestine etc. Diseases like gastric problems and joint aches are caused due to this. Kapha Dosha is predominant in the middle part of the body. Cough is mainly a result of Kapha imbalance. Pitta affects the upper part of the body i.e., the head — short temper is a sign of Pitta.

In the breathing techniques, the three-stage pranayama has effect on these three Doshas. Among different breathing techniques, there are specific breathing exercises for lower, middle and upper parts of the body. After the three-stage pranayama, you would feel that the Doshas in your body have altered. Something in the body changes; you no longer feel the same, you feel more balanced. The pranayama brings that balance in the system. Once you get in the rhythm of the pranayama, you will find the balance setting in. Making it a habit is difficult, but not the practice itself. Definite rhythms or breathing patterns correct these Doshas and bring the balance to the connected parts of the body. You can also find the three Doshas in our fingers and the nerve endings. For example, the index finger is Kapha; the middle finger is Vata, and the ring finger, Pitta. You can discern the Doshas running in the body by the shape of someone’s fingers. Practice of Mudra pranayamas, i.e., gently pressing the nerve endings in the fingertips in a subtle way and breathing with the Ujjayi breath, also balances the Doshas in the body.


gurudev-officialTime teaches us and makes us wiser. So if you are intelligent, wise, you will learn from time and you celebrate. If you are unwise, we lament and every passing year we become sad. Time teaches you a lesson and makes you wise when you are awake.

2016 has been such a wonderful time. We had a great event. What people thought was impossible; we made it possible. The World Cultural Festival happened with the world’s biggest stage ever, of seven acres, which was floating, to the astonishment of the world. We built it in New Delhi on the banks of the Yamuna River to the astonishment of the world. A place where people do not consider getting out of their car it was so stinking and so bad, was made a field for celebration. It was cleaned and it was prepared for one of the world’s biggest events ever. 1.8 billion people have watched it on live stream, from 188 countries around the world. 107 were items of performances with 182 dignitaries, from around the world, participating. And most of all, 2500 religious leaders made it the world’s largest inter-faith gathering, ever. And 3.5 million people attended the program, to the amazement of the world, and without any incident, was something that goes down in history.
In 2016, we have all together created history. The credit goes to every single individual of The Art of Living. Your participation, your intention and your attention has made this possible to manifest. That was a very grand time for The Art of Living and for the world.

We had many achievements; I cannot list them all.

In 2016, September, we ethics in sports, we organized in the FIFA headquarters. For the first time in history, we made people realize it is needed to bring ethics in sports. That was very good.

There are people who move with the time, and there are others who move the time, and Art of Living moved the time. We have celebrated, and we continue to celebrate year after year, for our motto is to make life a celebration. True to its motto, we welcome 2017.

If you add up 2017 (2+0+1+7=1), it comes to number #1. So, I wish everyone bright sun shine. Number one is the number of the Sun. I wish everyone a bright sunshine in 2017. In this year let knowledge dawn in your life. What is most important is, knowledge taking the front seat in our life. Everybody has knowledge; sometimes it takes the backseat. It sits somewhere in the back, it’s not in the driving seat. When knowledge is sleeping, it is ignorance. When knowledge is in the back seat it leads to regret later on. When knowledge is in the front seat, the driving seat, there’s only joy in life, there’s only celebration in life. We celebrate in every situation, for life is celebration. So, wish for the knowledge to be in the front seat, in 2017.

There are good qualities in everyone. The courageous one will appreciate the good qualities wherever he is. Even if it is in one’s enemy, it should be appreciated. Appreciating good qualities, itself, is a very wise quality. Itself is wisdom. So, let the Sun, which is coming bring to everyone wisdom in the New Year! Happy New Year to everyone! So let knowledge be in your driving seat. Not the back seat then sometimes it gives you suggestions and ideas. We will spend more time in knowledge going deeper into wisdom.

Life is so magnanimous! Life is so big. What you think about life is only the tip of the iceberg. We think of life as survival – some job, some money, some relationship, making ends meet. This is how life is. The whole life revolves around money, relationship and reputation – three things. In trying to get these three things you lose your health. Then the health goes. Money, reputation, relationship – in getting these three things the health which was there for you naturally, you lose it. Now, health, money, relationship, and reputation revolve around these four things and going round and round and trying to catch these four things one becomes so miserable. And when you are miserable, you lose all the four – health, money and reputation, and relationship. This is what people consider as life! Now, what we are saying is completely revolutionary – life is celebration, life is commitment, life is wisdom and life is seva (service). Life revolves around these four. Life revolves around service, revolves around creating celebration, making life a celebration. My dear you have such a short period on this planet why do you make so many people miserable around you, and you become miserable yourself. Who said what, when and where is not important. It’s not important, at all. One’s life does not depend on what someone said, or what your reputation is. It’s much beyond that, so when life revolves around commitment, caring, that is service, and then celebration, wisdom, acquiring wisdom and knowledge in life. Making life a celebration, creating celebration around, uplifting human spirit, pumping enthusiasm in others and in ones self. Being committed to doing good, and for being caring, when it revolves around these four money comes, reputation comes, relationships improve relationships happen, you get related to everybody, and then health remains robust. So what you wanted you’ve already got it, when you don’t focus on them. When you focus on the former four and leave the later four, then you become miserable. Got it? If you don’t have care and commitment relationships don’t work. If you don’t have commitment and wisdom money will not come. Neither does reputation. If you don’t make life a celebration, health will not be okay.

So, on your refrigerator you put this, “In 2017 let my life revolve around wisdom, celebration, service and commitment – these four. And what I will get through this is health, money, relationship and reputation”.

The time poses, in front of you. This time brings challenge, charm, and of course change is part of time. With wisdom, you can sail over it very comfortably. Take the challenge and appreciate the charm it brings you.


photos (1578 of 1628)-1The journey of yoga begins from where you are.  Whether you are strong or flexible, it doesn’t matter.

In the Western world there is a tendency to think that yoga is about bending and twisting, that is, as physical postures only. However, the complete discipline of yoga takes the individual from the gross level of existence to the deepest silence within.

When I came to Art of Living, I was already a practicing medical doctor. I had a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology and how the body and physiology work.  Yoga added to this knowledge.  It enhanced how I viewed my patients, how I treated them and my own health, and how I cared for people.

Yoga contributed to my own growth as a person, a parent, a spouse, and a doctor. It gave me a depth of understanding of human nature, of the way the physical body works and of the way the mind works, and how to rise above the challenges of body and mind.  The philosophy of yoga helps us understand the workings of the human mind and how the body mind complex work together.

For example, you may have a pain in your body, but that pain also causes a reaction in how you think about yourself in terms of what you feel you can do and cannot do.  That in turn results in feelings and emotions that arise about yourself and about your abilities and capabilities, so now, yoga is not only about the body, but also your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Through your interactions with people your quality of life as well as theirs is affected.

One of the first things you become aware of when doing yoga, is if there is some pain in the body.  This might, for example, be caused by imbalances in physical strength or flexibility.   Whatever is the cause, to take care of this, we need to learn how to correct it, and to stop repeating what is causing the pain. All of this is part of yoga.

When you learn Art of Living Yoga you learn to take care of your body, and you also learn how to deal with pain and with the thoughts and emotions that can arise.  If you can learn to become more understanding and aware of how the mind body complex works, you will be less fearful, anxious or worried, as a result, how you react and interact in personal and interpersonal relationships improves.

The greatest joy is in understanding that what I do or don’t do effects those around me, and that I have a choice of uplifting my self and those around me or remaining in discomfort. If I am able to take care of and have a better understanding of myself then this improves my relationships with others.

That this whole universe, this whole creation is connected is the best celebration in life.  Yoga strengthens and makes the body more flexible, it brings us to a deep state of silence, and it makes us more aware of the interrelationship between body and mind.



Each person who comes and volunteers adds changes and new ideas. Henry has been here since November and has introduced fresh juices/smoothies to breakfast and started growing sprouts for salads. He brought a simple easy method for sprouting, which you might want to try.


IMG_0146Purchase two plastic water pitchers from the store.









Take one pitcher and drill small holes around the bottom

IMG_0335 IMG_0338



Take the pitcher with the holes and place it into the second pitcher.

The handles should be aligned so that there is an air gap between the two containers.








IMG_0340 mung3 lentils fenugreek-seeds--bukkehornsfr_-hel-asatrading_1











Take the seeds or beans you will sprout and pour them in the container until it is a little less than ¼ full. Use large seeds such as mung, fenugreek, or whole lentils. Small seeds such as broccoli will fall through the holes.



Cover the container with a lid and set it on the counter.

Rinse the seeds well and then fill the containers with water. Let them soak for 12 hours or overnight.

















After 12 hours drain the water and rinse them well. The water will pour out of the bottom of the container. Any water that hasn’t spilled out will collect in the second container and you can empty it the next day. Rinse your seeds twice daily for three days










IMG_0353On the third day you should have sprouts.large plastic containers like the ones lettuce comes in to store your sprouts. They should be stored in the fridge when complete.




Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 2.28.24 PM

I love movies, but at the theater when I chose Tomorrowland, a Disney family movie, it was a best of the lot choice. It surprised me, though. It did what I love best in a movie. It woke up knowledge. Then gave more by reminding me that there was a time when we believed that the future would be fantastic, incredible beyond belief, a world that stretched our imagination. In Tomorrowland, this vision has been replaced by a present, which is filled with violence, climate change, and people who are stressed and unhappy. This vision, in the movie, has been embraced to such a degree that the world is heading toward extinction. To change this it is necessary to create and take responsibility for a new vision.

In 2016 we can also create a new vision. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a humanitarian, spiritual leader, and the founder of the Art of Living Foundation is inviting the world to come to India from March 11th to 13th. The intention is for 3.5 million people to celebrate cultural diversity through dance and music, and to meditate together. In his new year’s talk Sri Sri said, “When you sit in a group and meditate this is called yagya. The benefit of meditation is magnified several times, so imagine we are 3.5 million people sitting and meditating. It creates such a huge vibration or energy in the universe, which is bound to bring a lot of good.” By celebrating diversity and oneness at the same time, we create a positive field for change.

What, however, is our responsibility? What is needed in this world? He tells us, “First, protect the environment. In the river of time garbage is floating for us to clear. We have to act to clear the garbage. By garbage I mean terrorism, stress, and violence in society. Let’s resolve to educate people that we all belong to one world family. This is the resolution we must make for 2016.” Sri Sri gives a vision of what can be done to change the world. “I will do as much as I can do to unite people – people’s hearts and minds, to clean people’s minds and heart. To see there is more celebration, more harmony, more love, and unity in people than the acts of war, and domestic violence and societal violence.”

Throughout time, we have seen, mostly, differences, manipulated the environment, and increased wealth without consideration. We need to come back to service, come back to celebration, and come back to ourselves. Sri Sri says, “We need to protect time. Keep the time pure and celebrative. For that we have to stop the violent events from being dumped in the year 2016. So we will see how we can remove the negativity, process the conflicts. The power of goodness is much greater and higher than the power of the evil.”

2016 presents us with an opportunity to unify, to create a world that values love over hate, and harmony over violence. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, through the international organization he has founded, as well as through the World Cultural Celebration in India offers to the world, possibilities.

For more information about the World Cultural Festival





So people are watching us from all over the world on webcast today. Let us all wish everyone a Happy New Year. Today the 31st of 2015, and today is what we should review, the past year. Just imagine you are sitting on the bank of a river and watching the river flow. So many things are coming in the river. A ship is going in the river, some logs are floating in the river, leaves are flowing in the river; some ducks are going. Unfortunately, some garbage is also flowing in the river. Imagine you’re sitting on the shore, on the bank of a river and watching everything moving, completely unperturbed.

In the same way, when you sit on the back of the time, and watch the time carry the events, you’re amazed that there is something in you that is not changing. You are not changing; you are unaffected by it. And reviewing the events will help you to be a witness of events rather than a participant of an event. Do you see what I’m saying? Reviewing what all happened last month, what happened the month before, what happened the month even before that. The whole year has some wonderful things has some ugly things that have happened in the world scenario. But it has all gone, so just imagine you are sitting on the bank of a river and watching the river flow. Every moment there is fresh water. Many things are floating in the river, birds are coming picking the fishes then they are running; they are going. Some ducks are hovering around, and also see the swan and ducks. The water is flowing. They flow a little distance and they come back and they stay in their area, and they never get wet. The ducks come out and they just shake themselves up, take a little warmth from the sun, again they jump into the lake. The swan has a lot to teach to us. Be amidst the event don’t have to run away, but don’t let it stick onto you. If it appears it has stuck to you then get onto the shore and shake it. And celebration is that event in which you learn to be on the shore on the banks and smile at the events, which are passing by.

So in life, also, similarly, many pleasant events are happening, and many unpleasant have happened. Pleasant events have happened, unpleasant event have happened. Both have taught you have made you deeper in some sense, have made you stronger in some sense, taking that lesson and moving on, not question that which has already happened. It’s wise not to question what has already happened. What do you say?

So review the past. When you review the past what happens? Suddenly the past has left you. The past is anyway gone. You’ll find it leaving your mind also, so that which appeared to be sticking in your memory that also leaves. Review the past and revive the spirit inside of you. Our spirit is covered by dust. Our spirit is covered by ashes. The fire of our spirit is buried beneath the ashes. all you that you need is to blow a little bit; and it’s rekindled again. So revive the spirit inside of you. Revive the spirit. See how the children are, such spirit, such joy, such energy, such enthusiasm. Why we are like this? (Guruji shows how we look so dispirited) We look for the reason of the dust. Suppose your carpet is filled with dust. Instead of clearing the dust from the carpet we are saying from where it has come, why it has come? We get into this meaningless analysis. And if the dust has come from the window you go to the window. Oh window, dust has come from the window. This window! Well my dear, it has come from the window, no doubt. Whether it has come from the east window or west window or north or south window is immaterial. From where it has come is immaterial that there is dust on your carpet first vacuum clean it. This is what we do. We are looking for who is doing what to us that person is this way that person is that way. Forget about it, but what impressions they are putting on your mind on you, let us focus on that. If there is an impression made in our mind made by somebody let us clear that. If not XYZ someone else would have put those dust into us. Who put the dust is immaterial. Why should we keep the dust? Shake it off; clean it away. And celebration is to do that. This New Year’s Eve greet all those with who you don’t vibe well, also those with whom you vibe well. Greet them. Review the past. Revive the spirit in the present moment. This moment revive the spirit. You are unfazed by events. You are unfazed by people’s reaction. You are independent light. You are wisdom which is unaffected by the events and surroundings. Revive the spirit.

And then we need to have a vision for 2016. You have revived the spirit with so much energy and enthusiasm, what do you do with that? Unless you give a direction to it you’ll become restless, you’ll become aimless, goal less. So have an aim, have a goal, a short-term goal, and a long-term goal. Long-term goal anyway you will already have. You will have already fixed some long-term goal. Have a short-term goal. We’ll work for what is needed to do in this world. First, protect the environment. In the river of time garbage is floating for us to clear. That is as necessary. We have to act to clear the garbage and have no such garbage. Here, by garbage I mean terrorism, stress, and violence in society. Violence is the garbage of the time. Violence is the garbage we dump on the river of time. Let’s resolve not to do it. Let’s resolve to educate people that we all belong to one world family. This is the resolution we must make for 2016. What will you do? I will see as much as I can do to unite people – people’s hearts and minds to clean people’s minds and heart. To see there is more celebration, more harmony, more love, and unity in people than the acts of war, and domestic violence and societal violence. This is the garbage we are dumping in the river of time. Let’s educated people not to dump this garbage. Our effort is to keep the rivers clean, banks clean, oceans to be clean, to protect the environment.

In the same way we need to protect time. Keep the time pure and celebrative. For that we have to stop the violent events from being dumped in the year 2016. So we will see how we can remove the negativity, process the conflicts. The power of goodness is much greater and higher than the power of the evil. That has to be exhibited. There is a story in the Puranas, in the ancient Puranas. When they had to fight the demons, the Mother Divine had to have more power. The lady of the house needed more power. So everyone contributed something. What is their specialty to her? Mother Divine was given all these different instruments, different powers that everyone else possessed. Indicating the unity of consciousness, of all diverse energies, could dispel the darkness in no time. So when Mother Divine was given all different abilities or powers or instruments by all other angels and devas, she became invincible and she could destroy all the evil forces, demons. So this is what is called yagya. Yagya means when everyone joins together, when everyone contributes a little bit for a greater vision and for a bigger vision, for greater good of the planet, of the universe. So everyone just being there and saying I am here with everybody. Let’s send this message to the world. Where people from every part of the world are united to give a message of harmony, of celebration, of unity in diversity. Right, so this is what we will continue to do. Alone a person sits and meditates, they get something; this is called tapas. But when you sit in a group and meditate this is called yagya. The benefit of meditation is magnified several times, so imagine we are 3.5 million people sitting and meditating. It creates such a huge vibration or energy in the universe, which is bound to bring a lot of good. So when you see that there are so many events happening leaving you untouched, you get a taste of eternity. Eternity. Do you understand what I am saying? Eternity, timelessness. A taste of eternity comes to you when you sit on the bank and watch the time, here time means events – watch the time carry the events and leaving you untouched, something frees us deep inside. It feels as though the time has frozen. When time freezes that’s when you get a glimpse of eternity. Silence itself means freezing everything. Silence means time is frozen, no activity, and that is samadhi, that is meditation, What a nice way to begin New Year by meditation and samadhi.

Good. So we reviewed the past, we have enlivened the spirit, let’s sing more to revive the spirit, and then we have vision for 2016. Immediate vision I think we all have the shared vision. All of us are coming to World Cultural Festival. After March then we will think about our other plans what we want to do the rest of 2016, and then 17. Like this, years pass by, events happen, leaving us into a space that is serene. And that serenity is eternity and that is spirituality. Anything to achieve that eternal and serene reality of existence is spirituality. Anything that hooks you to the eternity and serenity is spirituality.



This Sunday we are having our first annual holiday event in the new Meditation Hall. We are offering a grand festive venue fitting of this large and beautiful structure. We wanted it to be an event where both children and adults could celebrate, so there are activities for both. We open with a welcome, a bit of yoga and a short introduction Ayurveda.  Of course, there is a holiday feast, which includes selections for people who are lactose intolerant, or vegan. To allow all that food to digest there is time for a walk or to browse our kiosks until Caravane charms and entertains with Conte de la Vieille Babouchka.


Doors open at 10:30. Below is a schedule of events.

11:00  Welcome          

11:30   Introduction to yoga, the breath and meditation

12:15  Introduction to Ayurveda and demonstration of self massage

  1:00   Lunch

  1:45  Visit kiosks and music

  2:30  Caravane – Music and Performance                                                      new facebook En

  3:30  Drawing of Door Prize

  3:45 Christmas Hat Making

  4:30  Farewell until Next Year December on 4th



11:30 – 1:30  Face Painting  

11:00  – 1:00  Craft Project              

  1:45 –  2:30  Craft Project       


The Vedic Wisdom program at the Bangalore Ashram from February 9th to March 7th, is an opportunity to immerse oneself in ancient and timeless knowledge. This 4-week program includes the Upanayana Ceremony, which allows one to be reborn in the spiritual world through knowledge.

The Upanayana ceremony is one of the traditional samskaras, or ‘purificatory rites’, that are prescribed in the Vedic way of life. Upanayana is a Sanskrit word that literally means, “moving closer”. What does one move closer to? We move closer to the knowledge, to the Master. The Upanayana is also called gayatri upadesha or brahmopadesha, which mean “initiation into the gayatri” and “initiation into the Brahman” respectively. This refers to one part of the ceremony, where one receives the gayatri mantra from the teacher. This mantra is said to be the essence of the Vedas that leads a faithful practitioner to the realization of the Supreme Consciousness (Brahman). During this program participants will learn the Sandhya Vandana, a ceremony, performed during the three sandhya times – sunrise, noon and sunset – every day.

The Vedas are the ancient and sacred scriptures of a civilization probably much older than most scholars are ready to admit. Besides being thousands of years old, what is unique about them is that they contain knowledge not just about spirituality but also about all the main branches of science, ranging from the ancient medical science called Ayurveda, to Jyotish in which we identify the influences that different planets have on various aspects of our life. This ancient knowledge is timeless and as relevant today as it was ages ago.

In the Vedic Wisdom Program, you learn and experience:

– Vedic Chanting

– Upanayana Ceremony

– Introduction to Jyotish (astrology)

– Introduction to Applied Ayurveda

– Stories from Yoga Vasistha

– Padayatra field trip (optional)



For more information visit:

vedic wisdom EN-1


An adaption by visiting chef from COY wholefood.

All ingredients are organic.


Vegan Green Curry Paste

(Makes enough to feed 8)

You’ll need:

1 small handful of walnuts (other nuts work fine as well)

1 teaspoon coconut sugar

2 tablespoons unroasted (raw) sesame seed oil

2 lemongrass stalks

½ teaspoon turmeric

3 whole peppercorns

2 generous pinches of hing (asafoetida)

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

1 teaspoon coriander

1 whole freshly squeezed lemon

4 tablespoons tamari, soy sauce or braggs

1 generous pinch paprika or small pinch of chilli flakes

1 generous handful of basil (or small handful of Thai basil)

3cm piece galangal or ginger

½ green pepper, diced


Place in all ingredients in high-powered blender or food processor and blend until smooth. This paste can be refrigerated for to 2 – 5 days.
Thai Green Curry (serves 4)

You will need

½ recipe green curry paste

1 packet organic firm tofu

2 cups chopped mixed organic vegetables

1 can regular (not lite) coconut milk

½ teaspoon unroasted (raw) sesame seed oil



In a pan on medium heat, heat oil, add tofu and cook until slightly brown and a skin has formed. This prevents the tofu from falling apart. Set aside.

In the same pan add the curry paste and organic vegetables and heat until cooked through but still firm. About 7-10 minutes. Put flame on medium-low. Add the coconut milk and stir through until well mixed for 1 minute. Add the tofu and stir once again and well incorporated for another 1 minute. Some people may like a little extra lemon, a pinch of salt or soy sauce. Garnish with cilantro or fresh basil and lemon, serve with steamed rice.